Canada Beyond 150

Canada Beyond 150

Policy for a diverse and inclusive future
Championed by the Privy Council Office and delivered by Policy Horizons Canada

Launching Canada Beyond 150



Closing the Feedback Loop

The commitment to open policy development and innovative methods is a cornerstone of Canada Beyond 150. Teams have been collaborating with a broad range of people throughout the program.

A number of participants have asked for advice on practical ways to share what they have heard so far, and whether they need to act on the feedback. The answer is yes. As a minimum starting point, we all need to acknowledge the insights people share with us, honestly and respectfully. We know that Canadians care about their government engaging with them, and seeing evidence that their insights are helping shape policy.

“Sharing our learning helps build relationships, and encourages others to contribute to the conversation and stay involved in our learning journey, and encourages others to contribute to the conversation.”

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About Canada Beyond 150

Canada Beyond 150: Policy for a diverse and inclusive future will convene a Canada-wide group of new public servants working in various capacities to participate in a ten-month professional development program designed to support leadership, and skills development, as well as drive culture shift across the public service.

Participants will experiment with new approaches and tools to support open policy making. They will share what they learn with colleagues across the public service.

Applications are now closed.

Thank you for your interest. Follow the participants' journey and participate through upcoming opportunities.