Canada Beyond 150

Canada Beyond 150

Policy for a diverse and inclusive future
Championed by the Privy Council Office and delivered by Policy Horizons Canada

Launching Canada Beyond 150



Life as a Professional Guinea Pig: Living the Experiment

Retrospectively speaking, my first seven years in the public service have followed a random path: I’ve segued from real property corporate reporting, to IT projects and portfolio management, to working as a Free Agent acting as a federal regulations policy analyst. I’ve also worked on side projects for the government that were driven by my personal passions and interests (like workplace giving, mobile app development, and connecting people through youth networks). As I moved from junior analyst, to project manager, to supervisor, and enjoyed the experiences these positions offered, I realized diversity of experience has been the name of my game, and that experimentation (whether I was the tester or the tested) has been the defining element of that game.

“It’s not a smooth journey; there are several struggles and frustrations that arise from taking part in an experimental program like this. And these frustrations are exactly why I keep coming back for more.”

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About Canada Beyond 150

Canada Beyond 150: Policy for a diverse and inclusive future will convene a Canada-wide group of new public servants working in various capacities to participate in a ten-month professional development program designed to support leadership, and skills development, as well as drive culture shift across the public service.

Participants will experiment with new approaches and tools to support open policy making. They will share what they learn with colleagues across the public service.

Applications are now closed.

Thank you for your interest. Follow the participants' journey and participate through upcoming opportunities.